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You are meant to be happy, you are meant to be at peace in your own mind and you are meant to live your life in that certain positive way. 

New Phase Hypnotherapy specialises in working with people who have reached a breaking point and must change that ‘something’ in their lives in order to move forward.  Anxiety,  depressed feelings or feelings of lacking in some way hold us back from what we really want in life.  I believe you can have, do or be anything and if you want that baby, or want a good healthy relationship or break your habit of smoking/gambling/ can have all this and more.  You can start that new business or get that body to the right shape and size for you and you can break those negative eating patterns. 

Hypnotherapy is an extremely effective technique for clearing old outdated, unwanted messages from our past that we no longer find valuable in our adult self.  At New Phase Hypnotherapy we get to the bottom of the problem ‘consciously’ and then re-wire and re-connect thoughts feelings and beliefs via the subconscious while connecting to our purest positive energy source for support and guidance.  

If you have something that you want to accomplish and know something in you is stopping you or just want to ditch the negative mind chatter, contact me. Your mind is more powerful than you know and there is always a solution.

We can do sessions face to face at my office in Kareela, NSW (Sutherland Shire) Australia or via Facebook Video.  Please visit my session page for pricing and contact me for booking times.  I will have a short conversation with you to ensure this is the best path for you.

Elaine Patterson

Clinical Hypnotherapist & NLP Practitioner.