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How Does Hypnotherapy Heal Anxiety?

While I have no idea how they measure this, scientists say that we can hold 7 thoughts in our conscious mind but our subconscious mind can process 50 million thoughts at a time. That shows just how incredible the force of your mind power can be! The trick is learning to tap into it and you can via hypnosis. 
Trying to solve deep seeded problems like anxiety with our conscious mind, can often be a slow, frustrating and torturous process that leads to disappointment. This is because anxiety is the habit of our thoughts overwhelming the mind and if all 7 thoughts are snowballing out of control or focused on negative things, we feel overwhelm and exhausted and have little energy left.  Often people with anxiety also suffer bad sleeping patterns and they wake up feeling just as exhausted!  The cycle goes round and round and round again until they can’t think straight.  With an exhausted mind, fear can takes over and many suffer panic attacks for no apparent reason.
How to solve the problem? Anxiety is a learnt behaviour often passed down through the generations from Parent to child and grandchildren and while taking medical prescriptions often allows us temporary relief from anxiety and stress, it does not address the root cause which is usually feelings of lack.  Hypnotherapy allows you to bridge the gap between your conscious and subconscious mind, enabling changes to occur at a profoundly deep level and turn those feelings of lack into feelings of love for yourself.  Where love reside, fear cannot.  A good Hypnotherapist accesses the full healing potential power of your subconscious mind and uses language that your subconscious can interpret to enable meaningful changes to occur.  Once you are introduced to this powerhouse resource within you, you can summon it consciously and use it in real world scenarios to alleviate stress.  When you use it to calm your mind, things that once bothered you seem to melt away like butter.  
There are several techniques that you can use to unblock that old stuck energy to get it humming along.  Just like a car, we need to clean out our tanks and put some premium fuel back in so that we can focus with clarity of mind.  I teach techniques that can be learned easily and used daily, without anyone knowing what you are doing!  My clients report feeling much more confident in their own skin and they love the compliments they received from their loved one, who note, how different they’ve become!

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