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About us

Elaine Patterson is a clinical hypnotherapist and is passionate about working with people who really want to change that ‘something’ in their lives.  Everyone is different and putting the puzzle pieces together for her clients provides her highest rewards.  She works diligently to get to the bottom of their problem, clear out old unwanted and outdated beliefs, thoughts and feelings and then she helps them to transform their life into something more compelling.

“They all come to me with something they want to change and it’s my pleasure to assist them with deep profound change work to achieve that change.  They describe my services like a ‘mind massage’ and that’s because a big part of what I do is relieving stress and worry loops.  I also introduce them to their own source energy and that blows them away because they can never doubt the ‘whole’ of who they are from that point forward.  It’s really a joyful experience.”

Elaine resides in Sydney with her husband and two sons and the family dog and can communicate with people around the world via Facebook Video or in person.  Contact her via email to discuss how she can help you today.