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Anxiety Freedom

Your life is meant to be fulfilling, thrilling, happy and uplifting.  When you have thoughts that grind away on a daily basis in the background of your mind, making you fearful of certain events, thoughts, feelings, beliefs or situations and when you live with your nerves on edge, then it time to refocus that energy into something more deserving. 

That beautiful inner voice of yours is showing you possibilities right now, on how to change that feeling into good positive energy that puts you back into the flow of life. 

Unlock the true power of your inner being and begin to live the life you were meant to live and feel good in your own skin.  Hypnotherapy is the answer for so many, it is drug free and a calming & relaxing way to do positive meaningful change work at a profound deep level.

The Anxiety Freedom program is 6 sessions.  In session 1 we start with clearing all old unwanted and no longer valid, damaging self beliefs and most feel a shift after just one session.  In session 2 we build upon this clearing.  In session 3 we clearly refocus your inner energy in a new direction.  Session 4 is all about recreating new more desirable neuro pathways that lift.  Session 5 & 6 are strengthening your self confidence, self worth and self identity to create and be a better version of yourself.  

In all sessions you will be connected with your source energy which is your own purest positive energy and it will guide and assist you in your ‘change work’.  Every client does experience change in varying degrees.   Remember everyone is perfectly imperfect and this is all about becoming a better version of you and then leading the life you desire.

We can do our sessions face to face in Kareela, NSW (Sutherland Shire) or via Facebook Video.  Please visit my session page for pricing and contact me for booking times.  I will have a short conversation with you to ensure this is the best path for you.

Elaine Patterson

Clinical Hypnotherapist & NLP Practitioner