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Relationship Freedom

True love is all about our relationship with our self!

You are meant to have a beautiful, loving, caring, cherished relationship with that special someone.  When we have negative blah feelings about ourselves, it can be hard to find our knight in shining armour.  All our relationships seem to be mismatched or misaligned, never feeling quite right.  We can date and even marry these partners and never really know why it doesn’t work out.

Something in you may be feeling quite unsettled and wants you to change your thoughts and feelings about you because when you feel better about yourself, you attract that certain someone.  I find almost always, it is the relationship you have with yourself that needs to change and once you uncover and send packing those old outdate feelings, thoughts and beliefs that no longer serve you, you can and you will make those life changes that you desire.  Loving yourself and being responsible for your own growth is your path in this world.  We all go about that in very different ways and creating a calm and peaceful mind and life with loving relationship/s is a basic natural need we all have.  

In our sessions together, we firstly work on clearing out the baggage, those old rubbish beliefs about yourself that are no longer useful.  In session 2 we work on calming and relaxing the mind and creating new neuro pathways and snapping those old outdated one.  In session 3 we work on your belief system about yourself and you refocusing and recreating the life that you would like to live.

We can do our sessions face to face in Kareela, NSW (Sutherland Shire) or via Facebook Video.  Please visit my session page for pricing and contact me for booking times.  I will have a short conversation with you to ensure this is the best path for you.

Elaine Patterson

Clinical Hypnotherapist & NLP Practitioner