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Smoke Freedom

Quit smoking the relaxing way, without drugs and get real results, real fast. 

Imagine finally quitting smoking and never looking back. You will have the freedom to wake up and breath deep fresh clean air and say goodbye to that stale smell.  You will be proud of yourself for this one achievement in life, quit smoking and your loved ones will respect the process and the new you, that you have created.  Once you are finished with the cigarettes, you won’t relate to smoking ever again because it won’t be a part of your persona anymore.   

Your life is meant to be fulfilling, happy, healthy and smoke free. You’ve decided to quit but nothing you are trying consciously is working and that’s because our conscious mind doesn’t really like to change. When we elicit both conscious and subconscious minds they become congruent and this is when you achieve true change.  Using hypnotherapy has a long history of easily achieving success with quit smoking. 

The smoke freedom program delivers results in usually one session.  If smoking is ‘the problem’, then that is no problem  and you can cut it out of your life in one session.  If you have some other background issues, links or ties, then we can help you shed those and smoking in 2-3 sessions.  

Hypnotherapy is a wonderful relaxing way to achieve smoke freedom.  We work on those neuro pathways, snap old outdated ones and recreate new positive more rewarding pathways.  Every session feels so good, just like a mind message, easing away any stress.  Deep profound change work is done leaving you smoke free for the rest of your life and no longer depended on cigarettes for stress relief.

You get your health back, sooner than you think.  You get your freedom back and are able to lead the life you want as a proud non smoker. 

We can do our sessions face to face in Kareela, NSW (Sutherland Shire) or via Facebook Video.  Please visit my session page for pricing and contact me for booking times.  I will have a short conversation with you to ensure this is the best path for you.

Elaine Patterson

Clinical Hypnotherapist & NLP Practitioner